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A new facility with the correct audio solution is not always easy, that much we know at ArtSound. Fortunately, our team is always eager to work with all concerned parties to find the right solution for the customer. Molders Deinze proved to be the right challenge.


For over 30 years, the Molders family has been the reference in the Waasland for shoes and clothing. When developing a new store they decided to settle in the new shopping center “Driespoort” in Deinze. With no less than 1450m² of shopping pleasure, the choice for a 100 volt ArtSound system was quickly made. Di Monaco, specialist in audio & video from Sint-Niklaas, accepted the challenge together with ArtSound. Contact with the architect and builder were soon made to implement this project.

With our years of experience we convinced the architect, Mr. and Mrs. Molders and the installer to opt for the "Twin" principle. This means that the ArtSound UNI40T speakers are placed two by two on the cable duct route. A bull's-eye, because we could not drill in the concrete part of the building, which also results in a good looking arrangement.

A professional decibel measurement was carried out in order to create an optimal noise level. During this measurement, different zones are measured so that the speakers can be mounted in the correct location, resulting in an equal distribution of the background music and that the music can be heard through any noise from customers in the store or passing vehicles.

All this was provided with the necessary power via the MX-500S amplifier. This amplifier offers the possibility to provide different zones of the right background music. This obviously contributes to a pleasant buying experience. Also, information about promotions and closing times run through this system with a digital message module. And, safety above all: evacuation with emergency call is triggered by the fire alarm.

A successful 100 Volt installation designed and installed with the right expertise, good cooperation and high satisfaction.

Project Design: Guy Expeels
Retail: Di Monaco Sint-Niklaas
Installation: Di Monaco Sint-Niklaas

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