& Other Stories

& Other Stories

This concept saw the light of day in 2010 by a group of creatives. It soon grew to a known fashion brand for design-lovers. Their wish is very clear; to give women the freedom to express themselves with one strong brand. As the name shows: They love to tell their story.


Welcome to & Other Stories

Every day they are committed to creatively reinforcing their brand. From raw sketches to brand new shoes and from the creation of a new collection to a fotoshoot in their studios. Thousands of renewing ideas are born every day.

As most things in life, this calls for music. Not exaggerated but rather accompanying. This way, everybody is guided by the music while taking in the new collection. They choose for a complete solution by ArtSound that fits their store. For stores like & Other Stories every element has to be exactly right to fit into the whole. A place where every detail counts. characterful loudspeakers by ArtSound where an easy choice. Tough enough to be incorporated by the industrial architecture but styilish enough to blend seamlessly into the collection.

The 100V-approach makes for an easy installation and a flexible use.

Think and we play it for you.