Privacy policy

It is paramount for us that our customers can trust us blindly. That’s why we make it our job to protect your privacy as well as we can. To do our work in the best possible way, and to be able to provide you with an optimal service, we collect certain personal data from our customers and the users of our services. It goes without saying that we treat this information with the utmost care; we handle this data in a secure and respectful manner.

This information, for how long we keep it, and for what purposes, is explained further in our privacy policy. Everyone must have control over his own personal data and that’s why we want to give everyone the opportunity to decide for themselves what information you want to share with us.

1. Who is protected by this privacy policy?

This privacy policy is applicable to all our customers and business clients (natural persons), as well as to the end-users who – through their relationship with our client (for example: family members, friends, visitors) – make use of the Artsound products and services. This privacy policy is also applicable when you pay a visit to our offices or stores, websites, make use of our apps, and in case you are a potential or former customer of House of Music & Accessories.

The privacy law of 8 December 1992 (“Privacywet”) and the law on electronic communication of 13 June 2005 (“Wet Elektronische Communicatie”) and the associated implementation decisions govern the protection of your personal data ( We are committed to fulfil our obligations and to respect your rights every time we process your personal data. In case you want to learn more about the subject, we advise you to visit the website of the committee for the protection of privacy (

2. What does ‘processing of information’ mean, and who is responsible for it?

By the ‘processing of information’ we intend any processing of personal data. The concept of ‘processing’ covers, amongst other things, the collection, recording, sorting, storing, updating, modification, requesting of, use, distribution or making available in whatever way, merging, combining, archiving, deletion or ultimate destruction of personal data.

House of Music & Accessories is responsible for the processing of your personal data.

3. What data do we process?

By ‘personal data’ we intend data which regards an identifiable person (the ‘concerned’ person), and

- you give us yourself;

- which we attribute to you for the use of our products and services;

- which we obtain through the use of our products and services, including the use by end-users; and

- which we have received through third parties. All data we collect may be combined to better align our offers and services with your personal preferences.

We distinguish between various types of personal data. This allows us to propose and improve our products and services wherever possible:

User’s data: this allows us to identify or contact you. For example: your name, your country and postal code, your language preference, your gender, your e-mail address, your age, the composition of your family as well as all other preferences which you make known through social media, actions, mobile applications, contests, etc.;

Technical data: we need this to ensure the proper functioning of our products and services.

This includes, amongst other things:

- all hardware data of the Artsound systems (the number of devices, the type of devices, the type of network in use for the functioning of the Artsound systems);

- data about crashes and the restarting of the Artsound systems;

- the stability of the network used for the functioning of the Artsound systems.

Data about your usage: the data we receive when you make use of our products and services.

This is intended to include:

- the hours at which the systems are used and the duration of the use;

- the limitations of the systems the users are confronted with when using them;

- the frequency of usage of the various screens, functions, and links which exist within the application of the systems;

- the extreme temperatures of the systems which occur when using them.

We use this data, amongst other purposes, to offer you a superior and customised experience.

As the law prescribes, we do not process sensitive data such as information regarding your racial or ethnic background, political opinions, sexual preferences, and health conditions.

We process personal data for various purposes. When doing so, we always process no more than the data we need to realise the goal we hope to achieve.

We use personal data in the following manner:

- with acquired consent;

- for the implementation of a contract;

- to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation;

- in case House of Music & Accessories has a justified interest which supersedes the interest of the person concerned.

The personal data is stored by House of Music & Accessories, or on behalf of them, in a central file which is kept at their legal seat or at a storage location intended for that purpose from a party to which House of Music & Accessories appeals.

4. How do we protect your data?

We guarantee that the security policy we apply for the processing of personal data always is sufficient, in conformity with the current state of the art, to guard ourselves against unauthorised access, disclosure, or loss.

5. Confidentiality

To realise the aforementioned objectives, only authorised persons have access to personal data. Those persons may only process that data in case it is necessary for the realisation of those objectives.

House of Music & Accessories guarantees that it has taken sufficient practical and organisational measures to ensure the confidentiality of information in their internal processes.

6. Do we sell your data to third parties or do we pass your data on?

We do not sell personal data to third parties, nor do we communicate them to third parties, except in case:

- to our legal successors and other companies within the House of Music & Accessories Group;

- this is required for the provision of our services;

- we are subject to a legal obligation;

- there is a legitimate interest for House of Music & Accessories or the third person concerned;

- we obtain your permission for it.

In case of the international transmission of personal data, we protect your data in accordance with the security level required by European regulations.

We may use anonymous, aggregated data for commercial purposes or for external reporting. This data can never be deducted to any specific individual.

7. What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

The user can always, at simple request, review his/her personal data, to have them corrected or removed.

Furthermore, the user has the right to request at any time to no longer use his/her data for purposes involving direct marketing.

The user can always send an e-mail about this to

8. Stay informed of modifications

It goes without saying that the processing of personal data can evolve through time as a result of amended legislation, technical progress… House of Music & Accessories reserves itself the right, therefore, to modify this privacy policy in the future, if necessary. In case this happens, they will inform their users in an appropriate manner through the existing apps and/or the websites of House of Music & Accessories.

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