Keep it productive with music at work

Music in the office provides the necessary positive productivity, brings colleagues closer together and puts an instant smile on everyone's face... Xwift understands this like no other.


Xwift is a dynamic transport company active across Europe, based in Nazareth Belgium. The company was founded in 2007 and quickly grew into a large company with 185 employees.

When building their new establishment, of course a smart, powerful audio system was needed. . They chose to work with Artsound in order to realise their dream.

The Flat series of recessed loudspeakers were installed in this professional project. The various meeting rooms, the corridors, offices and the bar area were equipped with the square FL101T speakers. These sleek speakers fit seamlessly into the modern interior of the various office spaces and ensure an even distribution of background music.

The discreet design also creates a sense of calm. Furthermore, these discreet speakers are known for their detailed, warm sound that also reaches far.

FL101T is a hit. No room will be left untouched...

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