Van der Valk hotel

Van der Valk hotel

The renowned Van der Valk hotel underwent a renovation, which also involved a high-quality audio system. In line with the modern interior of the wellness area, it was decided to work with our moisture-resistant built-in range.


Several Happi built-in loudspeakers were used in the swimming pool area as a fitness room. They were integrated aesthetically in line with the lighting.

This Happi series can stand its ground anywhere. Thanks to its ultra-tight grille, it blends seamlessly into the luxurious interior of this hotel chain. The Happi series' coated woofer provides a high-quality sound output, while the aluminium grille ensures the necessary moisture resistance.

On the other hand, an MDC6 speaker was chosen within the sauna room. This waterproof speaker is hermetically sealed at the back and made of water-repellent material. This means that the MDC6 is not afraid of a splash of water.

With this, ArtSound contributes to the warm atmosphere of the Van der Valk hotel.

Another professional project to be proud of!