Enjoying accessible gastronomy

Curious as they are, the owners of Paul de Pierre restaurant are always on the lookout for new products. In this quest, they love to go out and feel and smell where products come from.


Great quality... everywhere

Enjoy accessible gastronomy. That is the mission of the Paul De Pierre restaurant. Their recipe is fed with products of local quality suppliers, completed with own cultivation of 68 kinds of vegetables and fruit. 

UNI30 speakers for a stylish interior

The manager - Paul Henri - is passionate about wines. As a certified wine sommelier he knows what finesse is, and he chose ArtSound as his partner in sound.

With the UNI30 speakers, he provides his stylish interior with the appropriate music. An ear-pleasing atmosphere. 


Restaurant Paul De Pierre
Nederholbeekstraat 135 9680 Maarkedal (Etikhove)

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