Vibrant hidden gem

Arne van Wambeke and the renowned chef Karel Van Oyen have recently opened a new boutique hotel with top restaurant and wine bar, Nonam. In this way, they can pamper their customers day and night, in a relaxed atmosphere.


Choosing indoor speakers

In this authentic hidden gem, located in the lively area of the Patershol in Ghent, of course no classy audio system could be lacking.

In the different corners of the reception area as well as in the wine bar, our professional Universals series was installed.

The black colour of these speakers perfectly matches the eclectic interior finished with brass and marble.

These speakers provide a full and warm sound, which contributes to the cosiness of this establishment.

Choosing outdoor speakers

While on the terrace, the ASW55.2 waterproof loudspeaker was deliberately chosen. Thanks to its curved and grand design, it provides a clear and powerful sound performance.


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