Press release - February 2024


ArtSound and Lotto Dstny join hands for dynamic collaboration

ArtSound, a leading Belgian manufacturer of high-quality speakers and audio solutions, and Lotto Dstny, the world's oldest UCI Pro Tour team, are joining forces to take the performance of its riders to a new level.
GAVERE - It is with some pride that ArtSound, Belgian market leader in loudspeaker construction, announces its partnership with Lotto Dstny. Lotto Dstny is one of the most successful cycling teams in the world, with a rich history and a well-stocked record of achievements.

This collaboration brings together two passionate Belgian companies striving for excellence in their respective fields. With the collaboration, ArtSound and Lotto Dstny are creating a partnership between two top Belgian teams with the aim of further improving the performance of its riders.


Scientific research indicates that music and sound have an impact on our mental well-being and resilience. With projects in, for example, the residential care sector, ArtSound has already achieved positive results with elderly people. Through its cooperation with Lotto Dstny, ArtSound is further deepening its musical power in the sports world and targeting the younger population. Needless to say, music has a rousing influence on performance. In the top sports world, where every percentage counts, music is not only an expression of your personality, but results in greater mental strength during tough performances.
ArtSound puts its knowledge at your disposal and provides tailor-made audio solutions designed to enrich cycling performance for Lotto Dstny's athletes. Both on and off the bike. Both during training sessions and races, they have the necessary audio equipment at their disposal. In addition, the entire team is drawn into the bath of immersive atmosphere during preparation for races. For its part, Lotto Dstny will provide feedback to further optimise e.g. the headphones, outdoor party boxes,... both in ease of use and audio experience.
As two proud Belgian entities, ArtSound and Lotto Dstny share not only a national identity, but also a DNA that strives for top performance with an eye for the values of each individual. By joining forces, they aim to excel in both high-quality audio products and professional cycling.