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Music is more than ever part of our life. Do you want a turnkey solution for music diffusion in a specific room or outside? A toilet, a terrace of a bathroom, your office... Discover our all-in Packs to simplify your life. Each pack includes an amplifier and the appropriate speakers. Smart and simple!

Apart from the XS pack, the Crazy Packs are sets composed of a minimalist amplifier with DAB+/FM tuner and one or two loudspeakers. The remote control allows you to control the music you want to hear, or you can use your smartphone or tablet. Choose the pack that suits your needs and budget. Each package is ideal for a certain type of room. Do you prefer in-wall or on-wall speakers, is this for a damp room? You'll find what you're looking for among our Crazy Packs. And if you're not sure, don't hesitate to contact us and let us guide you!

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