Everything about DAB and DAB+

So, what is DAB and DAB+?

DAB stands for 'Digital Audio Broadcasting', in short it means transmitting radio via the ether, but digital. DAB+ is nothing more than an improved version of DAB and uses the newest audiocodec. This form of transmission includes enormous benefits in the face of FM.

What are the advantages of DAB+?

DAB+ enables you to receive music in HD-soundquality. Away with hiss and bad connection! You either receive a radiochannel well or you don't receive it at all. Besides that, a lot of additional information can be sent: an albumcover, traffic information and weather maps.

Some radiosets contain the option to pause, play and rewind a live audio-broadcast. Pure flexibility and control. There are even devices that have a timer to start recording when you want, so you never miss a beat!

And don't forget: DAB+ radio remains completely free!


How do I receive DAB+?

Millions of people listen to radio every day. A big chunk of them listens to their favorite channel over FM on a traditional device. Everyday, DAB+ wins terrain. There are nothing but advantages.

1. Find an internetradio that suits your needs

First of all, you will need a device that is able to receive the  DAB+ signal.

2. Run an automatic scan

When you activate your brandnew DAB+ device for the first time, you will notice that you can't see any channels yet. No worries, that is perfectly normal. Your device has to find all channels with a strong and good connection. This depends on your location at that time.

 3. Enjoy radio in HD-quality!


What is the difference between DAB+ and internet radio?

For internet radio, you need a good internet connection. It is therfore a less interesting option for mobile use. At home, this shouldn't be any problem. You can easily enjoy your stable WiFi-network. 

A major advantage of internet radio is that you have access to thousands of stations across national borders. So you can listen to your favourite radio station in Brazil without any problems or delays. 

Discover thousands of internet radio stations: www.shoutcast.com

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