Is every loudspeaker compatible with a 100V installation?

We have an entire range of 100V loudspeakers. But, you can connect classic speakers to a 100V installation with a transfo (T20 and ET20).

What is 100V technique and when is it applied?

100V technique is used in professional buildings (shops, restaurants, offices, workshops, production lines, factories,…). So, mainly for bigger surfaces and/or longer cable lengths.

How do I wire a 100V installation?

Loudspeakers can be connected in parallel for each zone. Depending on the power that has to be connected and the length of the cables we usually use a shielded flexible cable 2x1,5mm² or 2x2,5mm².

When 100 Volt products, when not?

100 Volt is mainly used in commercial and professional buildings. Where larger rooms and longer cable distances between the loudspeakers have to be bridged. Also where music is listened to from morning to evening. 100 Volt is used for background music or micro calls. Applications include offices and office buildings, storage and production areas, supermarkets, schools, shopping streets ...

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