Beautiful in its simplicity

Haelvoet in Ingelmunster (Belgium), manufacturer of timeless design furniture for hospitals and rest homes, had the idea to integrate speakers into a perforated stretched ceiling. No obvious choice, but a challenge for ArtSound.


Hemeryck Elektro from Meulebeke had the opportunity for the AV integration at the new showroom of Haelvoet. After numerous successful AV projects, ArtSound was the upfront choice. In consultation with the architect and builder they chose for a 100V system with easy operation and seamless integration. The ArtSound UNI40T speakers proved to be the perfect candidate for this installation.

The UNI40T produces a very nice sound spectrum with the necessary depth and to come in as many as 16 zones, including showroom, offices, kitchen, restaurant, all the way to the sanitary area. These areas are controlled by the MAT-8000 analog matrix which distributes all sources. In the showroom and offices they opted for the FL101T speaker with optional black speaker grill, a delight to the eye. This system required the necessary power via the PR-4120 and PR-4240 amplifiers, who were used to power the entire system. To top it all off, the entire building was equipped with easy to use wall panels for the ultimate user convenience.

A good example of a complete 100V system, designed and installed with the right expertise. Client, architect and installer are very satisfied with the result and we can only confirm this.

Project Design: Devy Vancauwenberge
Wholesale: CEBEO
Installation: Hemeryck Elektro Meulebeke

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