Boutique Carlo

Sleek, powerful and versatile

Boutique Carlo in Oudenaarde (Belgium), specializes in high quality apparel. With the renovation of their shop they wanted the right tools for music, but it also had to blend into the sleek interior design. ArtSound made for a very convenient solution.


The question was clear: "We want music in our new store that seamlessly merges into the interior with the ability to play a little louder. In addition, we want good radio reception, ability to play CDs and several areas in the store."

We answered to all the questions of the client. We opted for the larger UNI40T all-round 100V speaker connected to a central mixer amplifier: the ArtSound MX-500S. The central system was equipped with a CD player and a ArtSound Ri60 Internet radio, which can be controlled via an app on your Smartphone.

The MX-500S made it possible to arrange different zones in the shop. This was necessary because of the different heights and because the music doesn’t need to be equally loud in each zone. In addition, the white UNI40T speakers fit perfectly into the sleek interior. And, to top it all off, the concept was delivered with a sleek price tag, to great pleasure of the customer.

Project Design: Devy Vancauwenberge
Wholesale: DES Electrical Moen
Installer: Nadesco


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