Tips for connecting your loudspeaker easily

Before you start connecting your loudspeakers to your receiver, don't forget to strip your loudspeaker cables first. This is best done with a stripping tool.


What specific material do you need to connect your speakers? 

You will need the following material for the installation:

Speaker cable

Stript pliers


Subwoofer (best from ArtSound)

Subwoofer cable


Connecting the speaker cable

A loudspeaker cable consists of 2 loose wires that are connected together. One wire is coloured black and the other has a red colour. The inputs of your loudspeaker and the outputs of your receiver both have the colours black and red as well. First you place the red wire of the speaker cable in the red input of your loudspeaker. Then you connect the red wire on the other side to the red output of your receiver. Apply the same with the black wires and connections. It is also possible that instead of black and red a + and an - icon are used, follow the same logic here: + to + and - to - connect.

Time to test

Now you can start testing your speakers. First connect the receiver to the wall socket and switch it on. Then you turn on the speaker and check whether there is sound coming from the remote control of your receiver. If sound does not come out immediately, it can't hurt to double-check whether all cables are properly connected. The quality of the sound from your speakers depends, among other things, on the cables used.

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