Music in your kitchen thanks to ceiling speakers

Nowadays a modern and minimalistic interior is very popular, also in the kitchen. ArtSound's flush-mounting speakers, with their very discreet design, fully respond to this trend and can be integrated seamlessly into any interior. Within ArtSound's wide range of flush-mounting speakers there are types of designs that have been specially developed for the kitchen.


HAPPI series - Ultimate comfort in ingeniously waterproof jacket

ArtSound's Happi range is known for its moisture resistance. These types of loudspeakers repel the necessary splashes and create the perfect atmosphere to let off steam. They do this both indoors and outdoors, so these types of built-in loudspeakers can also be perfectly placed under a covered terrace. This series is equipped with an aluminium woofer and a rotating tweeter for a powerful detailed sound and an aluminium grille with magnet system for water resistance. If you only have one installation point and still want to create a stereo effect in the kitchen, you should choose the HPRO550. This speaker contains a double tweeter for that effect.


HAPPI series - Style of speaker

In line with the lighting or the design of the interior, a certain type of speaker shape can also be chosen. Within ArtSound's Happi series you can choose from a circular, square or rectangular design. Something for everyone...

HAPPI series - Subtle and compact in design

By integrating these recessed loudspeakers into the ceiling itself, you only see the grill itself. All associated cables are neatly tucked away. Or you can also choose to install these built-in speakers in the walls. In this way, no extra space is taken up in your kitchen and it's just a matter of simply pressing the app to listen to your favourite playlists and relax.


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