What is multiroom?

This is a audio system which can control multiple rooms or zones. There are also systems where you can listen to a different source in each zone. This is called a multiroom-multisource system.

To what should I pay attention during the installation of an ART3.1BT?

An ART3.1BT can be incorporated in a ceiling or piece of furniture. Make sure to unfold the antenna properly for a good FM-DAB reception. You can also connect the ART3.1BT to a coax distribution. A 230V connection is required and you can also foresee an ethernet connection to be futureproof. Keep in mind that the bluetooth stream only works in the room where the ART3.1BT is installed.

Can I use multiple ART3.1BT devices in the same house?

The ART3.1BT has a remote control with it’s own code that can be programmed to control multiple devices in the same house.

What is a SVC4.2 / SVC6.2 and for what can I use it?

This is a simple solution to control the volume of multiple zones. In fact, this is a zone controller. You can connect this device to your existing amplifier and control 4 or 6 zones induvidually, turn zones on and off and control the volume.

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