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You are not alone. Building loudspeakers into the wall raises a lot of concern amongst everybody.

How to build in loudspeakers? Is it possbible without rebuilding your home?

Many believe that in wall loudspeakers are only possible at certain times: when you are building a new home or when you are rebuilding most of it. Yet, this is not the truth in most cases. placing wall speakers is less intrusive than you might expect. But it's extremely important to be aware of all dangers. Know what you are up against!

Pro's and con's

+ Aesthetics: They fit in seamlessly within your interior, so you and your guests will barely notice them. In any case, they fit perfectly with a flatscreen.

+Tidy: All cables are neatly tucked away behind your wall. This is safer and ofcourse, it looks very neat. Cables tend to collect a lot of dust, aswell. Who doesn't like less cleaning?

+Negate wall reflections: Because these speakers are built, the sound is less subjected to reflections on the wall or floor. Floorstanding loudspeakers create a lot more frequency disturbance, at different places in the room. Hard to control and not enjoyable to hear. You can also control this using Bass traps.

+More bass response: Everybody loves some strong, present bass. wether you are a moviefanatic and want to relive the action to the fullest or wether you are a big fan of classical music. Because this loudspeaker is part of your wall or ceiling, the low frequencies gain a natural boost of 6db.

+Directionality: Many in wall speakers have directional tweeters. they make sure you can converge the high tones with great accuracy exactly to the place where you listen to music. 

-More complex: Installing wall speakers are more complex than placing floorstanding loudspeakers. You need to make a hole exactly where the speaker will come and pull cables trough the wall or ceiling.

-Upgrading; If, after a while, you decide to upgrade your current system, it's not that easy. Most speakers have unique dimensions. So, in most cases, it means a lot of paint- and plasterwork.

-Moving: Think carefully before you place your new pair of in wall loudspeakers. If, at any time, you would consider moving your home cinema to the other side of the room, consider the fact that moving built in loudseakers is not that obvious and can become very devious. Read more about the right position of your home cinema here.

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Wireless Speakers

Depending on which speakers you choose, you will have to provide more or less cables. If you choose active wireless speakers with bluetooth integration, this is reduced to an absolute minimum. The only cable that needs to be connected is power, which is located in your wall, and that's it! You can then, very easily, stream your music through your smartphone, tablet or pc.

Passive speakers need to be amplified. In this case you will need an extra cable connected to an amplifier. Loudspeakers without wireless integration need to be connected to an external sound source.

Wether you are about to place loudspeakers in your living room, bathroom or even sauna. You don't have to worry about the sound it will produce, the ease of placing these and what it will cost you. For ArtSound it is of great importance that you get the right solution for you situation.


Speakers in your wall have the great advantage to completely dissapear in your house. Almost invisible sound!


These wall speakers can also be incorporated easily in your multiroom system. You can choose wireless speakers that play your music over bluetooth in every room or you might want to take a look at the Hyde. The Hyde is an ideal solution when you have passive speakers built-in. It's a small solution that can be placed easily anywhere. It receives radio, dab+, AUX and  you can stream audio over bluetooth. Then, it amplifies this signal to send to your passive in wall speakers. Easy, yet effective.

You can find more information about the Hyde here.

Get free support for your audio project

In the jungle of options, it's not easy to find the right option that fits your needs. At ArSound, we understand this and that's why we recommend to ask our professional support, completely free. You can do this by simply filling in this form.

Our soundexperts will take a close look at your plan, your project and all your questions. They will contact you within a few days with answers and a complete elaboration of your project. Thus, you ensure yourself the safest and most affordable way.

You might also want to check out completed projects.

Flat speakers, hifi sound

When placing inwall speakers, a hole is made in the wall or ceiling. These flat speakers limit this operation to the absolute minimum. Our loudspeakers, depending on the series, are merely 2,75 inches to 4 inches deep. So no big holes and no permanent damage. Despite their limited depth, they produce a very deep en detailed sound. Moreover, ArtSound believes that loudspeakers should remain affordable. We offer a wide range of possibilities.

Costs of wall speakers

Wall speakers don't have to be more expensive than most. However, the price is mostly proportional with the quality of the sound. That's exactly why, at ArtSound, we want you to have maximum quality for what you want to pay: from basic to hifi built in speakers. This varies from €49,00 to €699,00 a pair.

Placing inwall speakers requires some more work, and you might pay more. ArtSound wants you to have the correct and most affordable solution, before you spend any money.

We would love to help you on the way for the most cost-effective solution.


How do I install inwall speakers?

Many people choose to integrate their flatscreen flawlessly into the wall. but let's be honest, the sound isn't as great as your 5k, high definition screen. So why not build in flat speakers next to? Aesthetically, this looks amazing and you will be able to enjoy your movie to the fullest.

Many households, 5-star hotels and luxury clothing stores have an eye for detail, especially for the interior and vibe. In these situations, ArtSound can help you make the difference.

Built in speakers are very thin and installation is relatively easy because of their compact size.

  1. Firstly, look at the best solution for your situation.
  2. Secondly, make holes in the ceiling or wall.
  3. Connect and pull all cables. With active inwall bluetooth speakers, this is only power.
  4. Finish the surrounding surface to incorporate the built in speaker fluently.
  5. Enjoy your music, almost invisible.


Inwall speakers can be built in in many different ways. It's completely dependant on what you are looking to accomplish. the placement of loudspeakers in your living room, for example, where you want to most flat result, we recommend using these flush mount kits.

Use flush mount kits to get the most flat integration of your inwall speakers.

These kits make your built in speakers dissapear completely and take into account the width of the grill. If you want an even more invisible result, you may choose to slighty paint the grill with a light mist. Doing this, the speaker will blend with your surrounding without losing soundquality, at all. Win-Win.

You can find our flush mount kits here.

An almost invisible result.

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Do inwall speakers sound good?


No but seriously, the most important task of a loudspeakers is to reproduce a natural and quality sound. You would be amazed how well great inwall speakers actually sound. A serious warmth, a high fidelity and a room-filling effect to fully enjoy your favorite piece of music or the latest movie.

With or without resonance box?

Do you wonder if built in speakers sound better with or without resonance box? The answer to this is not unambiguously and really depends on the situation.

When you build in loudspeakers in a false ceiling, it could very well be that the space behind it works fine a as a resonance box. Besides that, it could be that there is not enough or too much space to act as a proper resonance box. To garantuee the best sound in such situations, we recommened these acoustic kits. 

These kits make sure you can build in speakers in a concrete or other porous walls and create a resonance box that garantuees a warm bassreflex. It's important that the right amount of volume is present behind your built in speakers to ensure the right reflection.

Are you 100% convinced of your own capacities? Great! You'll find ArtSound built in speakers, flush mount kits and acoustic kits here. You can start right away!

Not completely sure where to start? Ask us - Completely free of charge.

Find the right loudspeaker for you

At ArtSound you will find inwall speakers that will fit your budget. Thus, you can be sure to find the most affordable solution.

Our series, the pro's and con's


  • Affordable built in speakers
  • Easy installation
  • Overcoatable
  • Homely design
  • Good sound quality
  • €49 - €199 a pair


  • Honest price
  • Excellent value for money
  • Extremely flat
  • Not waterproof
  • €179 - €299 a pair


  • Water repellent
  • Minimalistic
  • Magnetic grille
  • €249 - €399 a pair


  • Wireless (Bluetooth)
  • Ease of use
  • AUX - in
  • €299 - €399 a pair


  • Hifi-quality
  • Titanium driver with neodymium magnet
  • Adjustable tweeters
  • Manual treble
  • Higher price range
  • €449 - €699 a pair

Artsound products are exclusively available at your local dealer, online and offline. Find your local dealer. Prices may differ.


Are built in speakers water repellent?

We hear this questions quite often: "Can I place wall speakers in the shower?"

Today, we have a suitable solution for every situation without losing our priorities out of sight; Sound and design!

Some speakers can withstand a certain degree of moisture, and some can survive straight contact with water.

Our water repellent speakers serie, Happi, is more than good enough in the most moist situations. But if you are looking for in wall speakers for your sauna or shower, you're better of with extra measures? Electronic components are very sensitive to humidity, best to be avoided. That's why we have developed our solid MDC6, MDC64 and DC84. You can place these next to your pool and watch your children play, without any worries!

-> Any doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. We'd love to help you.

HIFI-Inbouwluidsprekers kopen?

in wall speakers gained a lot of popularity over the years. And so, technology follows quickly.

Quality-wise, wall speakers can be hifi, no doubt. These hifi inwall speakers are made for this especially. if sound may cost a bit more, Intiimi is the way. They are built with premium components and extreme precision.

We spent two years developing the Intiimi. the result can be seen and heard. 


Who is Artsound?

Are you familiar with the old conventional wisdom ‘the early bird gets the worm’? Here at ArtSound, we know better: the second mouse gets the cheese. If you’re not big, then you have to be smart. In other words, we are not pretentious enough to think that our products have to be the first on the market. Nor do we feel compelled to change the world. Our products just have to offer solutions!

I admit, it sounds like an advertising slogan, but we do mean it. By listening carefully to what you - our customers – expect from us, we have increased our range sixfold over the years. Thanks to your ideas. We can summarise all of these products using one common denominator: SMART. And this is where our mission statement comes from: ‘Smart Solutions in Audio’.

In other words: at ArtSound, you will find a loudspeaker for every situation, in every style or colour, for every environment or application. ArtSound is a touch cocky, with a healthy dose of self-confidence, sincere and proper, and also important: just your size and affordable. Okay, we might be the second mouse, but we’re far from average!



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