U3, yellow damp-proof utility radio from ArtSound with micro-input, battery holder, smartphone jack, 12V jack, LED lighting and an output for your headphones

Utility radios

When they see a utility radio, most people get spontaneous images in their mind of those radios one sees setting the right tone at construction sites and other ‘rough’ settings. However, this sturdy, black and yellow beast has even more to offer. Not only is it resistant to moisture, it comes complete with a microphone input, battery compartment, smartphone connection, 12-volt connection, LED lighting and an output for headphones. Some even charge your phone and have Bluetooth. So no worries, you can easily plop this radio down in your garden or by the pool, endlessly enjoying great music. With a flip of the switch, home renovations, chores in your garage or sultry summer nights become times of intense enjoyment.

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