Couleur Basilic

Couleur Basilic

Lovely food tastes better with music and Couleur Basilic understands this completely. The owners where looking for a way to stimulate the senses of their beloved customers even more. In the restaurant, there was a need for a warm and cosy soundsystem that could fill up the room without drawing too much attention. The loungebar, on the other hand, needed an aurally present source of music, to be enjoyed with the right cocktail. two completely different setups.


The owners of Couleur Basilic previously owned a restaurant with the same name in Rochefort but decided to move to this brand new location. A smart move, as it is absolutely stunning. A rustic place that radiates character. Quickly, the decision to work with Artsound followed. Before we rolled up our sleeves, we listened closely to the client's wishes.

Music in the restaurant

In the dining area the client needed a balanced dispersion of background music. Cozy and warm but in the background. To accomplish this, we chose to use our 100V system and gracefully installed a few UNI30T's in the room. Outside, some ASW55.2T's where the obvious choice for us as they do exactly what they need to do: provide wonderful sound and resist all possible weather conditions.

Also, for the owners, it was of great importance to be able to choose any source of audio in the future. We made sure they could play anything through their newly acquired system.

Music in the lounge bar

The loungebar downstairs needed a different approach: we carefully listened to the room's acoustics and decided to install some AS250.2's in combination with an amplifier, mixer and subwoofer. The result is good: a feeling of comfort and peace. A place where time stands still.

Another project completed with pride.

Projectdesign: Emmanuel Navez

Sale: Rexel Marche-en-Famenne

Installation: EMA Systems de Rochefort

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