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You do not have to explain to Mr. Lammerant that the right musical atmosphere contributes to the purchasing behaviour of consumers. Looking for quality background music for its redesigned store, Optics Lammerant quickly found the solution with Artsound.


Optics Lammerant in Deinze, Belgium has received a beautiful concept after de renewal of their store, of which the result may be seen.  With such a beautiful concept you need the right speakers; discrete, but definitely with the right amount of vocal presence. The store was fitted with very discrete HPSQ525 frameless speakers with ultra-tight grill. In addition, all the other rooms are also equipped with these speakers, including the offices, workshop and storage space.

All of the speakers are connected to a central system which houses an ArtSound Ri60 internet radio. Controlling the music in different zones is possible with a Smartphone or tablet through the user friendly Ri60 app. Also, we opted for a complete manual control for each zone via two multi-channel amplifiers that are operated by the classic volume controls.

The ArtSound Ri60 supports DLNA, which is beneficial to the question of Mr. Lammerant to stream his personal playlists from his computer. This budget-friendly installation was supplied by ArtSound to the satisfaction of the managers and staff of Optics Lammerant.

Have a look at the pictures of this beautiful project.

Project design: Devy Vancauwenberge
Wholesale: Cheyns Courtray
Installation: Joakim Geiregat

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