Founded in 1980 as a modest butcher. More than thirty years later, it became a family business that supplies all of Flanders with an extensive range of products. An eye for quality is deeply rooted in their company in Koekelare. Recently they built more than 3000 m² of production space. Time for ArtSound.


Dekeyzer-Ossaer, a manufacturer of quality meat, already had a rich history with ArtSound products, but for the construction of more than 3000 m² of extra production space, we quickly faced some challenges.

Ambient noise from the powerful machines is more than present and it quickly becomes difficult to exceed this comfortably. The loudness plays a big role. To overcome this, we used 3 powerhouses: two PR4120's and one PR4240 with a combined power of 1440W.

The customer's requirement was clear and clear: They needed nothing less than 12 different zones. 
Each zone had to be independent and, in addition, every telephone had to be connected to the system to ensure fluent communication. With two MAT-8000's this was a breeze. Today, in any zone, with every telephone, you can make a quick and easy call.

But how do you get all that violence in a pleasant way to every employee? Given that both the voice and music should always be clear and understandable, the obvious choice where directional speakers. The focused sound of 62 PSW20's found their new home in the production space. They where put in the most optimal places to ensure an equal spread of sound

Project in close cooperation with Cebeo Oostende

Conceptualisation by Emmanuel Navez and Tom Pardon

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