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We are launching the NEW KURV BT that is striking in its simplicity. Its eye-catching design is combined with the latest technology. Thanks to its design, it spreads music in all directions. Whether you're organising a garden party, having a picnic, lying by the pool...  The KURV BT is wrapped in an IP66 water-resistant jacket, so you can enjoy the atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. 


Bluetooth and True wireless

Easily control the KURV BT with your iPhone/tablet thanks to its built-in bluetooth technology. You can also wirelessly connect a second device for stereo playback. Double your listening pleasure thanks to its True Wireless function! Pairing made? Select your favourite playlist and fun is guaranteed!! 


"Where fun and art come together." 


10 Hours playtime

Furthermore, this beauty is equipped with a powerful built-in battery, so you can enjoy 10 hours of clear sound with deep bass. The KURV is a must-have for anyone who wants to pamper both ear and eye. Available in a sleek white colour or a warm quartz colour. Something for everyone.